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Rental service – we do the booking of your apartments, flats, houses or villas for rent. We cooperate with various portals and do the most important part for you – real estate advertising. We cooperate with various portals and offer you the opportunity to advertise on 30 different portals around the world.

We offer you a choice between 3 service packages: Basic, Standard and Full. Our many years of experience in the professional sector has led us to learn that each client needs to be approached individually and fully adapted to the client’s needs.

Together we arrange and define the services you want and need, offering you the opportunity to create a package according to your own wishes, from renting, year-round maintenance, preparation of the facility for your arrival or the arrival of your guests. What we want to offer you is really a complete real estate brokerage service.

We also offer you a real estate maintenance service in tourism, which you can find out more about here.

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